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About our speaker

Seraphine Monien, author at Sera Benia Publishing, is a sensitive medium who trained her mediumistic capabilities at Arthur Findlay College, England for many years.

Her lectures, seminars, counselling sessions, and workshops in the field of spirituality over the past ten years have already helped many people come into contact with their own being – and improve their lives in a lasting way.

Highly practical and in close touch with real life, her passionate and professionally-grounded teachings show how we can free ourselves from our emotional wounds and return to a wholesome center within ourselves.

She offers a unique approach to the spiritual wisdom of different cultures. Without being bound to dogmatic institutions, she brings together what seems contradictory to many people: for her, Native American wisdom and the love of Christ, for example, or mediumship and a personal relationship with God are not mutually exclusive, but come together to form a healing whole – in order to experience a free, healthy, successful, happy, and above all, love-filled, conscious life.

The energies of division and exclusion find, in her work, paths of healing reconciliation, developing strength in loving togetherness.

In her lectures, she peers behind the facade of our daily actions – eliciting many “aha” moments from her enthusiastic audience. Since everyone recognizes themselves and their daily experience in the lectures and realizes: I can be so much freer and happier!