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Spirituality in daily life
means joyful living every day.

Products to heal the body, mind, and soul.

From many years of experience doing healing work through spiritual seminars, trainings, and lectures on the subject of conscious living, together with participants’ positive feedback, an idea, an idea workshop, and an international publishing house were created.

The publisher’s mission is to translate the essences of the most precious spiritual teachings and wisdom from different cultures so they can be used in our everyday life – so health, success, and quality of life don’t just remain empty hopes, but something each person can bring into their lives themselves, easily and practically.

Sera Benia Publishing was founded in 2015. It is nondenominational and independent of religious, esoteric, social, or political organizations and institutions.

Our Team

Antonia Tripp
Managing Director

spiritual experience:
guided meditations since 2009
Seminar work
Workshops in esotericism and spirituality

Seraphine Monien


Life coach
Psychic Medium
Spiritual Counselor
Spiritual teacher for mindfulness/meditation
Sensitivity trainer
Seminar and workshop leader

Seraphine Monien, a psychic medium trained in England (Arthur Findlay College), is a teacher and seminar leader in meditation, consciousness training, autogenic training (self hypnosis), and progressive muscle relaxation, as well as an experienced expert in the often-misinterpreted field of aura and chakra work.

For over a decade, many people have experienced major improvements in their lives through her qualified and professionally-sound spiritual counselling and energy work in Hamburg and throughout Europe.

She is highly skilled in translating the essences of seemingly complicated spiritual and esoteric teachings from different cultures so they become understandable and applicable in our everyday lives, and can then be put into practice. So that anyone who wishes can improve their lives on their own.

In her unique and empathetic way enriched with her sense of humor, she has succeeded in making the healing power of meditation accessible to people in the Western world, with a lighthearted approach that remains in close touch with real life.

The meditations, fantasy journeys, and self-hypnoses that she developed for Sera Benia publishing have already reached a worldwide audience.

Since 1981 personal meditation practice
Since 2006 meditation teacher for guided meditations

Website Seraphine Monien


Benedikt Heiming

Psychic Artist
Art Director

spiritual experience:
guided meditations since 2006
Seminar work
Workshops in esotericism and spirituality


Comfort Agemo

Communication & Organizing

spiritual experience:
guided meditations since 2010
Seminar work
Workshops in esotericism and spirituality