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Refining your senses and giving yourself permission to dream.

Fantasy journeys for relaxation a time to recharge your batteries.

Much too often in today’s world, we simply expect ourselves to function, getting through daily life with the performance-oriented mindset we’ve been trained to have. Unfortunately in the process, loving ourselves and doing ourselves good falls by the wayside. With all this busyness and taking care of tasks, there’s something important we’ve nearly forgotten: fantasy.

As children we were able to vividly imagine wonderful things and fanciful worlds. And we can retrain ourselves to do so again. Since it is important. Not only for people who need an occasional break from everyday life so they remain in balance, spending some relaxed time with themselves and going on a journey within. But also for people who want to undergo spiritual training and improve their capacities of visualization.

What’s great about this is that with the Sera Benia fantasy journeys, you’ll experience not only a wonderful journey of discovery for the senses, but always something more – you’ll discover new hope, new perspectives, finding nearly-forgotten dreams and longings and returning with new strength to make them a reality in your life.

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