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Sending love –
spiritual postcards with uplifting paintings and quotes.

Mail from you is mail from the heart.

It’s easy to give other people joy. With our exceptional postcards, you can truly send heartfelt greetings to your loved ones – as a sign of true friendship, an act of true love, or an offering of peace or forgiveness. The inspired spiritual paintings on the postcards are truly treasures of the soul that will touch every heart. And our special postcards, too, with their exceptional artwork and photos not only look wonderful, but also do good. 

Many postcards also include uplifting spiritual quotes from our guided meditations. 

Special postcards

Here you’ll find postcards that inspire your eyes and fill your heart with happiness. Look forward to exceptional photos and images with motivational quotes. Many postcards have also been specially enhanced with gold embossing or glitter particles.  


Power animal postcards

Send positive energy and strength, or give them to yourself – here you’ll find all the inspired power animal paintings from the SOS Meditations series in postcard format.


Life Coaching postcards

With the spiritual postcards from our Life Coaching series I AM in Gods Hands, not only can you give other people heartfelt joy – you can also use the paintings for yourself, so you can remind yourself every day of the good that is within you.