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Spiritual paintings in poster format –
for healing our inner child.  

Art for the heart and soul.  

Spiritual paintings touch our soul, giving us loving support during times of change and beyond. This is why you’ll find inspired spiritual paintings on most of our CD covers.

Upon the request of several of our clients, these small works of art by our spiritual painter Benedikt Heiming are now available in large poster format. Some of them also include loving and empowering quotes from the guided meditations by our author Seraphine Monien – joining together for an especially powerful effect. For example, to heal emotional wounds from our past. Not only the spiritual paintings, but also the special posters with artwork and photos have lots to offer – for you.

Special posters.

Under this heading, you’ll find posters that make your life and living space more beautiful.

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Power animals in poster format

Find your own power animal. Here you’ll find several inspired animal paintings from the SOS Meditations series in poster format.

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Life-Coaching poster

You’re never alone. The spiritual posters from our Life-Coaching series I AM in Gods Hands offer trust, safety, inspiration, calm, and security.

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