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Welcome to Sera Benia TV

Here you’ll learn more about the unique products by Sera Benia – firsthand, from our wonderful author Seraphine Monien in person. What makes the meditations, healing and fantasy journeys so special? What areas of my life can I apply them to? Why do they have the names they have? What makes them so unbelievably effective?

In addition, here you’ll also find our “High Five” talk show, where we talk about the themes of our normal everyday lives – and realize that happiness is doable. For everyone. Look forward to inspiring and motivating discussions that will help you bring your personal happiness into your life.

If you’d like to receive each new video directly, feel free to subscribe to Sera Benia TV on YouTube. For those who don’t have an account, the films will also be posted here.

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Product presentations for the life coaching series I AM in God’s Hands

In these films, you’ll find out why the meditations in this series are a true form of personal training, why they have such unbelievable power, how you can greatly improve your life with them in a free and independent way, why the series is named the way it is, and that much more is possible than you think. And so, get ready to coach yourself to happiness!

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Product presentation for the SOS Meditations series 

Here you’ll find out everything about our healing SOS Meditations: why they offer such tremendous help in emergency situations, how they’re able to bring both peace and strength to our body, thoughts, and feelings and how they can be used not only by people affected and their loved ones, but also by many other people all around the world.

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Product presentations of further meditations, healing journeys and relaxing exercises

These films get you in the mood for a positive change in life. We present extraordinary meditations, healing journeys and relaxing exercises to you, with which you can improve your daily life independently and sustainably. Select a theme - and let yourself be inspired.

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